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At Lakeview Kinder and Childcare, we value each child and believe they have the right to a safe, caring, respectful, nurturing and educational environment. We also strive to ensure they are Happy & Healthy whilst in our care and have fun.

We believe that each child should have a sense of belonging & wellbeing, to have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of identity, self respect and a healthy and positive self-esteem. Children are encouraged to become effective communicators. They are encouraged to interact with others with care, empathy and respect. Our educators provide an environment where children feel secure, supported and are encouraged to look after their health, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

We believe in providing a balanced and relaxed learning environment where children can express wonder and interest in their environment and be encouraged to have fun whilst being curious, creative, imaginative, confident, take on challenges and be involved learners.  Children can learn through their play at their own pace and level of development. We believe that children engage and learn by being provided with a range of activities that stem from the individual, group and community interests.

We believe that parents and the community play an important role within the centre and their involvement is encouraged and valued. Our educators encourage children to feel a sense of community that they are connected with and contribute to their world. They are encouraged to respect diversity, have a sense of fairness, become socially responsible and show respect for the environment.

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