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We operate an OPEN DOOR POLICY, where parents and family are welcome into the centre at anytime. Parent participation sends strong, positive messages to your child that you support them and are part of the child care environment.

There are many levels of PARENT PARTICIPATION and we appreciate that time is of a premium for all parents, but we will be willing to accommodate any form of involvement you may desire to assist you and your child, which ultimately benefits the whole centre.

The staff sincerely wishes for you and your child to be happy and feel welcomed at Lakeview. Be aware that a three way relationship between parents, staff and the child exists in this setting. Communication is a vital ingredient to the success of this partnership.

Parent’s are invited and encouraged to be involved in contributing to reviewing our Policies and Practices. Parent’s are invited to attend our Staff meetings where we welcome parent input and your viewpoint.

All parents will be advised and welcome to participate in these meetings. Parent involvement in the Centre can be accommodated to meet your availability and commitments. Such as;

Attend Special activities and functions in the ce ntre

• Volunteer time

• Suggestions for programming

• Feedback of service

• Attend Parent/Teacher Nights

• Run activities with the children eg. cooking

• Share aspects of your culture with     the 

Siblings are always welcome in our centre when children are being dropped off or picked up, however, our staff cannot assume responsibility for them.

We ask you to keep a watchful eye on siblings whilst in the centre.

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