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Child Care Benefit is a subsidy provided by the Commonwealth Government to approved long day care centres such as Lakeview Kindergarten & Childcare.

This subsidy is used to reduce the amount that parents are required to pay to the centre. Parents may apply for the Child Care Benefits through their local Family Assistance Office.

Child Care Benefits are based on each family’s combined income and the onus is on each family to ensure they have a current Assessment notice in order to receive the benefit.

Full fees will be charged if you do not have a current assessment.

In order to receive Child Care Benefits, parents Must Sign each of their children In and Out Every Day that they attend care.

Families may also qualify for Child Care Rebate (CCR) which entitles you to 50% off your childcare fees after the CCB has been deducted. CCR is not means tested so you may be entitled to it even if your income is too high for CCB. There are certain criteria which the family assistance office will be happy to inform you of. 

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